How to setup a campaign

The more details you include about your goals, target audience and the kind of influencers you want to work with, the better responses you will get from our network. Remember, when completing our campaign form, you are writing for potential influencers.

Step 1 - Compensation and Deliverables


The first step is to configure your per creator compensation package - consisting of cash, products or experiences, in any flexible combination. For example, if you want to gift a product with further with cash on top, your settings might look as follows:

If your product typically retails for $30, this is not a strong enough incentive for most creators to get involved, so you will need to add cash on top. We suggest packages that are worth at least $250 in total, which includes the retail value of any products or experiences that you are gifting. The more valuable your package is overall, the larger influencers we will be able to connect you with (in terms of their reach and audience size).

If you're including a product or experience as part of the package, we will ask you to input the available quantity. Once this has been fulfilled, the campaign will automatically end. You can always add more inventory and re-start your campaign later.

PitchBoard transaction fees are based on the total value of your compensation package on a per creator basis, and this include the retail value of any products or experience.


Use this to specify exactly how many posts you'd like from each creator, in return for the compensation package you created earlier. You can select from Instagram posts, Instagram Stories and YouTube Videos.

  • Instagram Stories disappear after 24 hours, unless they are marked as a "highlight" by the influencer
  • Both Instagram posts and stories will get most of their engagement within the first 24 hours
  • Instagrammers with over 10k followers are able to add outbound links to their stories, using the "swipe up" feature. Otherwise it's a case of asking them to tag your own profile.
  • YouTube videos tend to be evergreen - driving longer term awareness and traffic
  • A fair amount of production work is involved in YouTube videos, so do take this into account


On the right hand side of the campaign builder, you will see campaign level estimates for the expected engagements and the resulting cost per engagement (CPE). Our pricing algorithms take both compensation and deliverables into account to calculate these, so you can modify these to see how the estimates are affected.

We have separated the cash CPE and product / experience CPE into two different components to help you maximize overall ROAS. Since retail value and cost price are two different things, our customers often find that giving away more products generates a higher ROAS.

Step 2 - Target Audience

Select the age groups, genders, countries and interests you are looking to reach via the influencer audiences. We use this information to connect you with relevant influencers.

Step 3 - Detailed Brief

The final step enables you to add more details about your campaign, include any creative ideas, and list any specific requirements. The more information you provide the better results you'll get - but remember to keep it concise and to the point!

Creators know their audience so trust that they know how to position your brand to their audience in an authentic manner. A great influencer respects their relationship with their fan base and wants to put out authentic content over 'salesy' content. 

Campaign Image

Upload a crisp image featuring your logo, product or service. This image is one of the first things potential influencers will see. You can crop and resize the image. Press the DONE button once you have finished editing.

Main URL

The main link to the page, product or brand you are promoting. 

Campaign Title

Keep your title short and informative and don't include the brand name.

Campaign Summary

This space is for a short, concise summary of your campaign. Along with the title and image, this is one of the first things influencers see when we send them your brief. 

Detailed Brief

Use this space to go into as much detail as you need about your product, campaign or brand. Try to highlight why influencers should work with you, what your goals are, who your target audience is, and share any creative ideas you have. You can add attachments such as images or PDF documents. Format your brief neatly to help influencers read your campaign details. 

Key Requirements

Use this to list any important conditions such as deadlines or hashtags that must be included in the posts. Do not use this to stipulate how many followers or what sort of ER influencers should have. Think of this as a quick way to list any important contractual conditions, so you have something to fall back on if problems arise.

Verification and Going Live

Once your campaign has been screened by our moderators, it will go live on the platform and you will start to receive intros directly from our network and specialist outreach team.

Next Steps

Learn more about how to manage your campaign once things get started.

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