This article explains how the process works once you start receiving pitches directly from creators (paid plans only, see here for details on free accounts).

  1. After your campaign goes live, you will start to receive pitches directly from our network and specialist outreach team. This can take hours or several days so don't worry if you do not receive anything instantly.

  2. Check out the influencer profiles, machine learned data and performance estimates we provide for each creator that we match you with.

  3. Accept influencers and fund collaborations upfront to get the work started (funds are held in escrow).

  4. Content gets submitted for your approval on PitchBoard.

  5. Approved content gets published on social media and payment is released to the influencer, typically within 7-10 days of going live.

Managing your pitches and collaborations

Your pitches are organized into 1 of 3 categories:

  • Pitches: Waiting for your review - you can accept, reject or message any of these

  • In Progress: Creators that you're currently collaborating with

  • Completed: Collaborations that have been completed and all posts are live

Each pitch or collaboration appears as a card on your dashboard:

Clicking on a card opens up the full details:

Everything related to a particular collaboration lives within this card. Each collaboration has its own messaging thread between you and the creator.

Fulfilling the compensation after accepting a pitch

Cash: Your funds are held in escrow until the work has been completed.

Products: You ship the product directly to the creator and input the tracking details into PitchBoard. Upon receipt of the product, creators are within their rights to cancel and return the product to you (at their own cost).

Experiences: You provide any booking details and instructions directly to the creator, and update the status to "details sent". Creators fund expenses (such as travel or accommodation) out of their own pocket. They are reimbursed using your escrowed funds once the work has been completed. Expenses are always listed separately to the creator fee for clarity.

Content approvals

Creators upload draft content directly to PitchBoard before publication. This appears in the drafts tab. Once approved, the creator will publish the content, and the post will move into the published tab.

Performance tracking

We keep track of reach and engagement, for each influencer you hire, and the campaign on the whole. Stats are updated on a daily basis. Just head over to the stats tab for more details.

Keeping up to date

We recommend responding to offers, content drafts and messages; quickly as possible. This helps to keep your dashboard up to date and the community running smoothly.

When you longer need any new pitches, you should end your campaign.

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