This article explains how to invite influencers to your campaign. We do not charge any transaction fees for influencers that you invite yourself. No connects are used either, meaning that sourcing your own influencers is completely free.

  1. After your campaign gets approved (keep these guidelines in mind), copy the invite link from the campaign overview and share with any influencer that you think is a good fit.

  2. When the influencer you've invited clicks on their invite link, they are taken through a short onboarding process so we can retrieve their social data and setup their profile on PitchBoard.

  3. The influencer is given access to your campaign brief and can send you a personalised pitch. These will compile in your dashboard and you'll receive an email each time.

  4. Check out the influencer profiles, machine learned data and performance estimates we provide for each influencer. Use the data we provide to make better decisions and maximize campaign performance.

  5. Accept influencers and fund collaborations upfront to get the work started (funds are held in escrow until the work is completed for your security).

  6. Content gets submitted for your approval on PitchBoard.

  7. Approved content gets published on social media and payment is released to the influencer, typically within 7-10 days of going live.

Inviting an influencer to your campaign:

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