You'll be sent a notification email every time you receive a new pitch for one of your campaigns. Just login to your dashboard to review them.

Key metrics

Total compensation value - this is the total value of the deal including cash and any products / experiences you are gifting (at their retail value). This is not the same as the payment required to fund and start the collaboration.

Estimated engagements - our pricing algorithms take a variety of factors into account to work out the projected number of engagements. This includes the influencers reach, audience credibility, the deliverables included as part of the deal, and more.

Estimated total CPE - this is the overall cost per engagement, based on the number of engagements we have estimated, and the total overall compensation value. Use this to optimise your overall ROAS and compare the value you are getting from different influencers.

Instagram credibility - our machine learning algorithms analyse dozens of factors to look for suspicious patterns of fake followers, bots, comments and more. We combine all of this into easy to use score.

Compensation breakdown

Cash - This is payable upfront but your funds are held in escrow until the work has been approved and published.

Products - You will need to ship the product directly to the creator and provide a tracking number.

Experiences - You will need to send any booking details and further information directly to the creator and mark as "details sent". The expenses component (travel, accommodation, etc) is payable upfront, and as with cash, the funds are held in escrow until the work is completed. Incase of a no show or other failures, we can refund you fully (influencers are required to fund the expenses out of their own pocket).

Estimated performance

Our pricing algorithms a variety of factor into account to help you maximise overall ROAS and easily spot competitive offers. This includes looking at reach, compensation, credibility, the deliverables, historic performance and more.

We have separated the cash CPE and product / experience CPE into two different components. Since retail value (on which the compensation value is based) and 'cost price' are two different things, you may find that that product gifting generates a higher ROAS compared to cash incentives.

Audience insights

We provide a detailed breakdown of countries, cities, age groups, gender split and interests. This data is derived using sophisticated AI analysis to create a complete and holistic overview of the influencers audience, making it easy for you to see if there is a good fit.

Brand affinities show you which brands the influencer's audience has a positive affinity (or liking) for. This information helps you to judge if audience is a great fit or not. In this case we can see the audience is interested in lots of car brands, so would be an excellent fit for anyone that wants to reach motoring enthusiasts.

Brand safety information helps you to gauge the overall tone and sentiment expressed in the influencer's own content, how frequently they use bad language, and what sort of emotions are expressed most often.

Next steps

Now that you've reviewed all of the information there are 3 actions you can take:

  1. Send Message - Start a dialog with the influencer to refine ideas, negotiate and discuss finer details.

  2. Accept - Fund the deal and get the collaboration started. Your funds are held in secure escrow until the work has been approved and published.

  3. Dismiss - The details disappear from your dashboard and the influencer is not notified. We are in the process of adding features for you to thank influencers and offer feedback.

Ending your campaign

When you longer need any new proposals, you should either pause or complete your campaign.

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