We understand that creating branded content takes a lot of planning, time and effort which is why we require every brand to fund production up front. We want creators to have peace of mind knowing they will be compensated once they fulfil the requirements of the campaign.

Once your pitch has been accepted, you will be notified that the brand has funded the campaign and that cash is being held for you in escrow. The campaign will move from the 'opportunities' area of your dashboard into the 'work' section.

Work area

Each active collaboration appears as a card. Click of one to access the full details, submit content drafts, and mark posts as published.


Every collaboration has its chatroom which allows you to communicate directly with the brand. This will be the place you go to communicate directly with the brand, share ideas and ask questions.

Submitting content and marking as published

  1. Submit your content drafts through the 'submit drafts' area.

  2. Once the content has been approved, the card will move into the 'ready to publish' area. This is where you inform us and the brand that the content has been published.

  3. Repeat the process until all posts have been approved and published.

Keep in mind that the brand is paying for the sponsorship and might need to request reasonable edits to ensure that their brand, product(s)/service is represented as they had expected. Be professional and flexible to make changes if needed.

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