Ready to get hired and collaborate with awesome brands? Just click on the opportunity, review the full details, and submit a pitch if you're interested in moving forward.

What's on offer

The opportunity details clearly shows whats on offer including any free products, experiences and cash payments. The cash amount labelled as "target" is only an indication of what the brand wants to spend in addition to any free products / experiences being provided. You are still free to pitch any amount that you see fit.

What's expected

The next section outlines what the brand is looking for in terms of posts and social networks.

Key requirements

This section lists any important conditions such as deadlines or hashtags to use in the campaign.

Sending your pitch


Enter the number of posts you are offering for each of the social networks. Feel free to deselect any that you don't want to offer. The wanted number only indicates what the brand has asked for, you are free to enter any number that you see fit.


Avoid using boilerplate templates and keep it short, highlighting why your audience is a great fit. Show you've understood the brands objectives and share any content ideas that you have. Don't include any stats or follower counts as we include this information automatically.

We recommend that you take initiative and present a number of ideas to the brand. Giving multiple ideas will help keep the ball is your court, allowing you to maintain a lot of creative control throughout the process.


This is the fun part! Input your cash fee for the entire collaboration (if applicable). If free products or experiences are on offer you can check their retail value, meaning how much these would normally cost you.


Products are shipped directly to you once the pitch has been accepted (by the brand). Upon receiving the products, if you change your mind or don't feel comfortable posting about them for any reason whatsoever, you are within your rights to return the products to the brand (at your own cost) and cancel the deal.

Experience expenses

If an experience is included, you will need to enter your expenses. This should cover all third party costs such as travel, accommodation, food, tickets, and anything else you might need in order to fulfil the experience. These are funded from your own pocket initially so its important do your research and enter an accurate figure. You will not be able to edit this once your pitch has been accepted.

Total cash paid to you & payment guarantee

This section shows the total amount the brand will pay upfront if they decide to accept your pitch, including any cash payments and expenses. We hold these funds in a secure escrow account and release directly to you once the agreed posts have all been published. This gives you a strong level of protection as long as you meet the specs we can guarantee you will be paid. Specifically, this means the number of posts and any important items highlighted in the key requirements section. This does not relate to the performance of any posts.

Price Suggestions

Our pricing algorithms take a number of factors into account to suggest a price range for the entire collaboration. This includes the total value of the compensation package, the deliverables being requested, and your performance history (engagement rates etc). You are free to pitch outside of the suggested range and this is entirely your decision.

Delivery Time

Enter a realistic turnaround time so the brand knows what to expect.

Next Steps

Find out how to check if you've been hired and what happens next.

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