We do not require any direct access to your accounts, you do not need to share your passwords with us, and we do not require any API access. Instead, we rely solely on your public content to help match you up with relevant opportunities.

Upon signing up, simply follow the instructions and paste the links to your social accounts.


Enter your public username, for example 'pitchboardco'.


Enter your channel URL. You can retrieve this by going to YouTube.com, click your profile icon in the top right corner, and then Your Channel. Copy the URL that appears in the address bar and paste into PitchBoard. It should look like this: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZIfEGFp5ex4mrtNmlcRAqA.

Account Verification

The first time you submit a pitch, in order to verify that you own the accounts, we will ask you to add a random 4 digit hashtag to one of your recent posts.

The hashtag should be inserted directly into a post caption / description and not into a comment. It must be identical the code we provide or the verification will fail. Once the verification is completed, you can delete the hashtag.

You can disconnect your channels at anytime. But please note that doing so will disable your ability to participate in any new campaigns. You should continue to honour all in progress and published deals, in line with our terms.

Your data is safe with us and you can review our privacy and security policies anytime.

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