Many brands and marketers wrongly assume that when an influencer creates and shares content featuring your brand, product or service, either organically or as part of a paid collaboration; that content can then be used, shared, edited and repurposed in any way and distributed.

This is not the case. Unless otherwise confirmed and approved by both parties in writing, using influencer content in any way is a breach of copyright, which can ultimately land you in legal trouble.

Brands are not automatically granted any ownership rights over any content produced by influencers under a campaign agreement on PitchBoard. All copyright is owned by the influencers who produced the content. Any mention of a brand does not infer any form of ownership rights to that brand.

Any content produced by influencers is not automatically available to brands for usage on other platforms, media and advertising materials. The content should not be used elsewhere without prior permission from the creator. The only exception to this is brands reposting content onto their own social media networks which is generally accepted but brands should always credit the creator and avoid editing the original content.

Commercial usage rights can be negotiated between the parties for which additional costs may apply.

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